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Lars Murray


Position: Defender

Date of Birth: Sometime in the Johnson administration

Birth Place: Sharon Connecticut

Height: 6’0”

Weight: Close to 15 Stone

Favourite Teams: New England Revolution, West Ham


Debut: March 2000

Games: 85

Goals Ummm…we stop them (0)


  • Spring 2005 League Championship Winner
  • Spring 2005 Division Winner
  • Spring 2002 League Championship Winner
  • One of two “Original Gangsta” Pre-Metroboyz CPR Metros (3rds)
  • Three championships with North Shore indoor league side Flynnie’s


Player Profile

Choosing, a la Pele, to follow the money to New York in his 30s to work for music industry bigwigs, the “Satchel Paige” of the Metro league made his Metroboyz debut in March 2000, following a lengthy and typically American hybrid indoor-outdoor career in Massachusetts.

Played 24 league matches at sweeper for Manchester United (Manchester, Massachusetts, that is.) 

Hates the EPL Manchester United.

Only Metroboy to have actually played in a 2-3-5 formation in a game situation.

Plays in two bands, www.myspace.com/noisylegrand, www.myspace.com/mossempire and only team member to be subject of terrace chanting from Metroboyz at band gigs.