Manohar ‘Manny’ Venkataraman


Position: Striker/Midfielder

Date of Birth: February 1970

Birth Place: Chalfont St. Giles, England

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 160 lbs

Favourite Teams: Liverpool, Wycombe Wanderers


Debut: October 2000 vs Eleven United

Games: 90

Goals 18


  • Spring 2005 League Championship Winner
  • Spring 2005 Division Winner
  • Spring 2005 Co-Heart of Team
  • Fall 2004 Division Winner
  • Spring 2004 Heart of Team
  • Las Vegas Virtue Cup Men’s 8v8 ‘B’ Runners up
  • Las Vegas Virtue Cup Most Improved Men’s Team
  • Spring 2002 League Championship Winner


Player Profile

Manohar Venkataraman (commonly known as Manny) was one of the core group of team members who started playing with CPR in the summer of 2000.  By virtue of joining late, this disparate group of motley characters were to form the Foundation of the Championship Winning side of Spring 2002.  Manny was never blessed with the otherworldly skills of a Mike Rudy or speed of a Ken Howe, but made up for it by an unerring aptitude for finding the right spot in the box.  Although never prolific, his goals were always timely and almost always inside the 6 yard box.  In later years, his versatility pushed him more towards the outside midfielder spots where he was more apt to track back and put in a saving tackle as opposed to sending dangerous crosses into the box.


Off the field though, his exploits were numerous.  Handling the instigator baton with aplomb when necessary, the still legendary ‘Bloody Mary’s with Tom’ post game session really set the tone during that first Fall Season of 2000, and he was also a charter member of the 14 out of 16 black-out crew at the Spring 2001 Club Banquet.  Always ready for a post game beer, Venkataraman holds the record for number of Team Post Bar Appearances and took a leadership role in CPR as the Social Chair.  With the Metroboyz he has organized numerous team dinner and social gatherings, leading to the only two time winner of the Heart of the Team award.