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Central Park Rangers is currently comprised of 8 teams: 6 11-a-side men's teams and 2 11-a-side women's teams. In addition we train weekly all year long and operate club teams to accomodate our membership in off-season Summer & Winter Leagues as well as tours to venues as diverse as Las Vegas & Reykjavik. If you are interested in playing with us, please read the descriptions and contact the appropriate team. If you aren't sure which team applies to you or to contact the club in general, you can send an email to CPRFC.   Please include a detail of your soccer playing history, your age, and your position. 

Mens White/Reserve Team

CPR White is the club's elite squad and plays in the highly competitive Cosmopolitan Soccer League 1st Division. CPR White is made up of two teams: a First Team and a Reserve Team, but act as one squad with players moving from one team to another. Most squad members have a history of playing at a semi-professional or D1 college level, in the US and abroad. We compete against some of the best amateur teams in the country and regularly reach cup finals and league playoffs. Our Reserve Team were league champions in 2010.  The level of commitment to play for CPR White is high, with regular attendance expected at weekly training sessions and games on Sunday. We also like to enjoy time together off the field and foster a great team spirit through regularly heading to the club bar after games and holding team events. We are always looking for talented players so if you are interested in trying out with CPR White please contact the team manager to Whites Captain

Mens Red/Reserve Team

Play in Cosmopolitan League Division 2. This team also has a reserve team. Won 2004-2005 title and were promoted (to Division 2 from Division 3).  Very competiive with most guys having played college soccer or at a similar level.  Very social group of guys, usually with a good pub turnout on Sundays after games.  Lots of guys on the team train with CPR regularly.  If you feel this applies to you, please send an email to Reds Captain

CPR Black's

The CPR Black's play in the Cosmopolitan League in the Metro 1 Division. The 2010-2011 was CPR Black's season of inception starting in mandatory Metro 2 Division. The squad gained promotion to Metro 1 Division after placing second at 10-4-2 including an undefeated spring. The characteristic of individuals on this team is solid 20-somethings.  If you feel you can be competitive on the field, please contact CPR Black's Captain

Old Boys (Over 30s)

The Old Boys, or Over 30s, play in the Cosmopolitan League Over 30s division. This is a very competitive league with many skilled international and former D1 players. Some are just a little slower than their earlier playing days. This team within CPR is very social, with typically a good pub turnout after games and at club and team outings.  But we also take our soccer pretty seriously on the field and intend on competing for the league title each and every year.   If you feel this team is right for you, please send an email to Over30 Managers.  Please include you age, your position, and brief history of of you your soccer career.  

Always looking for talented players AND looking for a new starting GK for the 2011-12 season!

Women's Red

The Women's Red team competes in the A Division of the New York Metropolitan Women's Soccer League. Our home field is the turf field at East 6th Street in East River Park. Our games are on Sundays in the Fall and Spring, plus we get together once a week in the evenings to practice. We are serious about playing and winning, but balanced with a sense of camaraderie and fun. Most of our players have Division I college playing experience. If you feel this team applies to you, please contact Women's Red Captain

Women's White

The Women's White team did compete in the B Division of the New York Metropolitan Women's Soccer League but was promoted and in 2008-09 played in teh A Division. We also play on Sundays at the same home field as the Women's Red team, along with joint practices. The team focuses on solid competitive playing combined with pure enjoyment of the sport. If you feel this team applies to you, please contact Women's White Captain

CPR West

CPR's newest addition is a team in the Los Angeles area.   Former CPR players from the NYC area live all over the world.  LA become a hub for several men and women from CPR and they have started a branch of CPR in the LA area.  Check out the About page for CPR West to see more details about the team and how to get in contact with them. 

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